Patterson Home Sales is the local dealer for Maple Leaf and Hospitality Homes. They specialize in turnkey packages with land, and have a mortgage broker on site to make it a one-stop shop. Their experienced staff is knowledgeable with the building industry and pride themselves on customer service. We want you to come see us for all the right reasons. We’re a fun group that takes pride in what we do. We can provide you with anything from a small cottage, mini home, bungalow, to your energy-efficient dream home or a condo complex. You can have everything you have ever dreamed.

“When you’re ready, come see us and we will build your cost effective, energy-efficient retreat. Our goal is for you to walk into you new home, shut the door behind you and feel right at home."

We look forward to serving you!
New Patterson Sales Building coming soon!!
Oct 27, 2016 - We are building a Brand New sales office right here in Onslow, Nova Scotia. We are excited about all the new things coming right to our lot like our tractor lines, boats and Travel
Plywood Build and Real Wood Trim
Oct 26, 2016 - Patterson Homes offers Plywood walls and floors as a standard as well as real wood trim throughout our homes. We are a family owned and operated buisness and we are proud to say we
We offer Panelized Homes
Oct 26, 2016 - Looking for a shell only or weather tight home. Call us here at 902-895-9845

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P. Patterson Home Sales is your one stop shop for all your home buying needs. For 40 years, Patterson's Sales has been a family owned and operated business. At our Dartmouth / Truro locations we specialize in affordable Mini and Modular homes right up to your high end energy efficient dream homes.

Dartmouth Location:
581 Main St., Dartmouth,
Nova Scotia
B2W 3T6
Phone: 902.433.1414

Truro Location:
133 Onslow Road., Upper Onslow,
Nova Scotia
B6L 5K8
Phone: 902.895.9845
Email: inquirys@ljpattersonsales.com